Order & Delivery

• How can I order Akustus products?

Give us a call or send us an email letting us know what you’re interested in ordering. We’ll work out the details with you from there.

• What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept bank transfer, visa, mastercard and paypal.

• Are samples available?

We can mail 5 memo samples to you free of charge. Simply contact us and provide the colour codes of the colours you prefer, as well as your full mailing address. The complete sample kit is available for purchase as well, just give us a call or send us an email.

• How long will it take to receive my order?

All products are made to order and most are shipped within 2 to 3 weeks from date of confirmation. Actual shipping time may vary according to size of order and current production time. If you have any concerns with timing please feel free to let us know.

• Do you ship orders internationally?

Yes we do! Please note that when shipping outside of Canada, taxes and duties are the responsibility of recipient.

• Can I return a product?

All products are made to order and Akustus does not accept returns other than for shipping errors or product defect. Claims for product defect, damaged or incorrectly shipped goods must be received within 7 days of delivery.

• Can I cancel or change my order?

You may change or cancel your order within 4 hours of placing the order. Contact us by phone or email for any change request or cancellation.

Sereno Panel

• Are Sereno Panels safe?

Sereno Panels are safe for any home or commercial environment. It does not emit dangerous off-gases and is free of PVC and formaldehyde.

• Are Sereno Panels environmentally friendly?

Yes, Sereno Panels are made from recycled plastic bottle. Firstly, used plastic bottles are shredded into small pieces. After this the plastic is heated and turned into a long continuous fibre strand in an extruder. Next they are torn apart into short strands which are then pressed on top of each other in multiple layers. The end result is a sturdy sheet of Sereno Felt board. Throughout the whole process, no additional chemicals or binding agents are used.

• Is the colour consistent between dyelots?

There may be very slight variations in colour between dyelots.

• Is the colour consistent between dyelots?

There may be very slight variations in colour between dyelots.

• How much sound does Sereno panel absorb?

Sereno Panels are designed for absorbing human voice frequencies (between 500-4000HZ) and are perfect for use in offices, schools, restaurants and other public spaces. Our standard design is made up of 2 layers of Sereno panels, rated at NRC 0.55 when the panels are mounted directly onto the wall. To increase the value of absorption you can add an air gap behind the panels. You can also add a layer of stone wool behind the panel to achieve higher NRC coefficients.

• Are Sereno Panels pinnable?

Sereno Panel is pinnable and can be used as a very attractive looking pin board.

• Can Sereno Panels be used to soundproof a room?

Not quite, to properly soundproof a room requires specialized materials and construction techniques. However, Sereno Panels do improve acoustics by absorbing sound reverberations that travel around a room. In many cases you can cover the entire room with Sereno Panels and it will absorb enough sound, especially speech and conversational sounds, that no further soundproofing is required.

• How do I install Sereno Panels?

We recommend using an adhesive such as Loctite Powergrab or Liquid Nail; these can likely be found at your local hardware store. Apply the adhesive to the panel and position it on your wall. Panels can also be installed using Z Clips which allow for easy removal and repositioning.

• How do I maintain and clean Sereno Panels?

Remove spill and stains immediately with water and damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals such as bleach. Fabric cleaner may be used. Test in a inconspicuous spot first.